Project to make cosmetics from unused resources

For ethical, sustainable organic cosmetics made in Japan with domestically procured plants, work to expand sales channels to France and Germany, which are advanced in organic cosmetics. Display the products at exhibitions in Europe and advertise them to find new sales channels, while conducting sales promotion activities targeting inbound visitors at airports, stations and other places in Japan.

By promoting the sales of cosmetics made by using domestically procured plants to high net worth individuals from overseas, contribute to establishing a recycling-oriented production system for local agricultural producers and processors, and introduce this system as a model for the solution of regional issues.

Start the project by plowing the abandoned fields in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, in order to conduct the following processes locally: grow plants, harvest them, process them into materials for cosmetics, and make the cosmetics. Improve the cycle for local production, procurement, commercialization and sales, attract more orders from overseas to increase revenue, and return the benefit to local communities to further expand a sustainable manufacturing cycle. At the same time, expand sales channels to Europe and Asia for Karatsu City to become an "Asian Cosmetic Valley" in the future.

Project Members

  • BbyE Corporation
  • Japan Cosmetic Center
  • alde-baran co.,ltd
  • Kazuko Hayasaka
  • Chiaki Yoshikawa