Project to build the "craft tourism industry" in Hasami, targeting the whole world

With a focus on Hasamiyaki porcelain, which has a history of 400 years, use the skills, culture and living space of potters as local tourist attractions and propose the creation of a "craft tourism industry" by integrating the value of Hasamiyaki with the value of experiences provided in Hasami Town to tourists. By developing high value-added products and promoting their sales in Japan and overseas, encourage more people to come to the town, while establishing Hasamiyaki as a world-class porcelain brand.

Use the skills, culture and living space of potters in Hasami Town to develop local tourist attractions and promote tourism targeting people in Japan and overseas, establishing the town as one famous for a traditional Japanese craft.

Establish a "craft tourism industry council" composed of companies in the porcelain industry and tourism industry to raise people’s awareness of the "craft tourism industry" and build the brand of Hasamiyaki. By creating bases for the craft tourism industry, increasing accommodation facilities and restaurants for high net worth individuals and overseas tourists, and developing/enhancing local factory tours and other experiential tours, provide more people with a hands-on experience of the history and craftsmanship of Hasami Town, thereby increasing the "fans" of the town to bring about economic benefits to local communities and increase the public recognition of Hasami.

Project Members

  • Kurawanka co.,ltd
  • Specified Nonprofit Corporation Green Craft Tourism Research society
  • Shin-ei Co.,Ltd
  • Hasami Town Tourism Association
  • Hasami Porcelain association