Project to introduce regional tourist attractions via overseas cosplayers

Invite internationally popular cosplayers to MAGIC KYOTO 2019 held jointly with the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC), and organize a FAM trip to encourage more people to tour the Umi-no-Kyoto, Mori-no-Kyoto and Ocha-no-Kyoto areas located around Kyoto. Through this initiative, help the invited cosplayers understand the value of the local tourist attractions of the areas, and foster curation, brushing-up and PR activities for tours to the areas. Then at MAGIC (in Monaco), introduce tours to the areas, mainly those newly planned based on the results of the initiative, and promote their sales.

Invite overseas cosplayers to take, as tourism ambassadors, a tour of the destinations that are in Kyoto but outside the city. They will then be asked to communicate the attractiveness of the areas’ traditional culture and craftsmanship in a unique manner.

Invite internationally popular cosplayers on a tour of the Umi-no-Kyoto, Mori-no-Kyoto and Ocha-no-Kyoto areas as tourism ambassadors. The tour will be organized as a FAM trip under the initiative of the Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) of the three areas and in consideration of the tourist attractions in the areas and the preferences of the cosplayers. The cosplayers will be asked to dispatch information about the attractiveness of the areas from their unique viewpoints as tourism ambassadors, thereby encouraging their SNS followers to visit the areas. Also, further sophisticate the content of tours to the areas by receiving feedback from the cosplayers.

Project Members

  • MindCreators Japan Inc.,
  • General Kyoto Forest Promotion Agency (Kyoto DMO)
  • Kyoto by the Sea DMO, Destination Management, Maketing Organization
  • Kyoto Yamashiro AREA promotion company (under an alias: Ocha no Kyoto DMO)
  • D-matcha CO., LTD.