Wajimanuri development project for overseas sales promotions

Wajimanuri lacquerware is a traditional Japanese craft. Develop new Wajimanuri products, specifically those designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, for high net worth individuals from overseas. Introduce the developed products to them at an event in which dishes cooked by a first-class chef using local specialties of Wajima are served. Receive orders from people from overseas for limited sales of Wajimanuri products, thereby enhancing Wajimanuri’s brand power and promote tours in which participants will have hands-on experience of specialty food and craftsmanship in Wajima.

Search for overseas sales channels for Wajimanuri, a traditional Japanese craft, as part of the "DESIGING OUT" project held to create new products and find new regional value.

Wajimanuri products have been sold mainly in Japan. Targeting high net worth Taiwanese individuals, develop new products, specifically those designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, and then unveil the products at the regional revitalization event, "DINING OUT," held in October.

Utilize the accommodation/commercial facilities where high net worth Taiwanese individuals visit/stay in Japan as well as high-quality restaurants in Taiwan to display and sell the developed products. Specifically, make the high net worth individuals feel like purchasing the products by having them used right before their eyes at the facilities.

Also, in the magazine "Discover Japan," which is designed to introduce the attractiveness of Japan to people around the world, have an article about this initiative published. Also promote sales to people from overseas who are considering visiting Japan.

Project Members

  • Wajima Lacquerware Cooperative Association
  • Senshudo
  • Tutaya Shikki Co.,Ltd.
  • Wajimaya Zenni Inc.